Have you been caught driving with a suspended license in Massachusetts? The punishments for this charge are minor compared to other criminal charges in this state– but driving with a suspended license, or driving while intoxicated with a suspended license, will increase your penalties.

If your license has become suspended and you were caught driving anywhere in Massachusetts, read on to learn about the potential penalties. If you need strong defense to fight back against a suspended license charge, call Toland Law today and schedule a free consultation.

What Is OAS?

OAS is an acronym that stands for operating after suspension. If you were disciplined for any reason and your drivers license has been suspended, you are not supposed to drive. If you are found driving, you may be faced with penalties such as jail time or a financial penalty such as a fine of up to one thousand dollars.

What Are The Penalties For Operating After Suspension?

If your license has been suspended in Boston, follow the law and don’t drive. If you are caught operating a car after suspension, you will be penalized. If it is your first offense, and you have never been caught after a suspension previously, you may see as long as 10 days in a local incarceration facility and or a financial penalty of one thousand dollars.

Additionally, those who have been found operating after suspension will see that their license is suspended for an extra 60 days on top of the original suspension period. Penalties may become more severe if it is your second or third charge of this nature.

If you have been caught driving with a suspended license, there are ways to fight back against these charges. The best way to avoid these penalties is to avoid the consequences altogether and to not drive with a suspended license. But, if you are found to be driving, you can hire a lawyer to help you minimize these penalties as best as possible. Paul Toland has experience fighting back against these charges.

What Is An OUI?

An OUI stands for operating under the influence. If your license was suspended because of an OUI, and you were found driving with the suspension, the penalties will likely be much more serious.

What Are The Penalties For Operating Under The Influence With A Suspended License?

Operating under the influence with a suspended license will carry much more serious consequences than operating with a suspended license sober. You will face mandatory jail time if you are quite operating under the influence in Massachusetts. You will be faced with a minimum period of 60 days in a state incarceration facility and a monetary penalty of a one thousand dollar fine.

If a law enforcement officer has charged you with operating under the influence with a suspended license, you absolutely need the help of a criminal defense attorney right away. You don’t want to face the serious consequences alone. The charges for operating with an OUI, and an OAS, are both severe, but with the help of a criminal defense attorney you can fight back, ensure that your justice is always upheld, and work toward minimizing your penalties as best as possible.

How Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With This Charge?

Paul Toland is a trusted criminal defense attorney in the Boston area who comes highly recommended by his many clients. Paul Toland will take the time to listen to the specific details of your case, and create a strong plan moving forward for ensuring your justice is always upheld and that your penalties can be as minimized as best as possible.

At Toland Law, our team will search for the smartest defense possible for your case, no matter how complex your charges may be. By leveraging evidence, witness testimonies, and other important factors of the judicial process, Paul Toland will offer the proper skills needed to help you fight these criminal charges in Massachusetts.

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