If you or someone you love is a victim of abuse, and is concerned about losing their immigration status, or can only keep their immigration status if they remain associated with an abuser, remember that there is help and hope available. Those who have been abused by a United States citizen or a family member who is a lawful permanent resident may be eligible to receive a VAWA Green Card so that they can retain their immigration status without subjecting themselves to more abuse,

The United States Congress enacted the Violence Against Women Act to lend support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. Under this act, Congress permits certain victims of domestic abuse and assault to self-petition for immigration benefits and to mitigate the risk of removal or deportation from the country. By enabling domestic violence victims of abuse to self-petition for immigration status, they do not have to lean on an abusive spouse, sibling or parent in order to keep their immigration status. This act is a valuable resource for Massachusetts citizens, and could save a life.

If you have suffered domestic abuse and would like to see if you qualify for a Violence Against Women Act green card, you need to contact an immigration lawyer right away to assist with creating your petition. Many documents are required in order to successfully file this petition, and the process can become complicated very quickly. It’s difficult to satisfy every requirement on your own, so be sure to reach out to an immigration lawyer as early as possible. The sooner you call, the sooner your or a loved one can get help and retain their immigration status.

Can I Get A VAWA Green Card Even If I’m Divorced?

If you or a loved one are married to an abusive partner, you do not need to remain in this abusive relationship just to qualify for VAWA benefits. Victims of abuse who divorced their spouse specifically due to domestic abuse, violence or stalking, who divorced their spouse within the last two years, are still eligible to qualify for a VAWA green card. If the abuser or spouse passed away within the last two years, you can qualify for these benefits as well.

Can Men Receive A VAWA Green Card?

Even though the Congress Act refers to women specifically, VAWA Green Card benefits are still available to men. The goal is to aid victims of abuse and to mitigate the risk of reliance on an abusive family member just for immigration status, so anyone in this situation can be eligible for government assistance, regardless of their race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Can I Still Get VAWA Benefits if I’m In Removal Proceedings?

Yes, even if you are currently in removal proceedings, you can still qualify for a cancellation of your removal. However, it is crucial that you contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible to ensure you file all necessary documentation in a timely manner. There are many important steps to securing a VAWA green card that cannot be overlooked, so contacting an attorney as early as possible is a wise decision. Once an individual has been removed from the country, it can be difficult to start the process all over again, so contact an attorney right away.

What Documentation Do I Need To Get A VAWA Green Card?

As part of your VAWA Green Card, you’ll need to “self-petition.” This involves detailed testimony from you regarding the abuse you suffered, who abused you, and other necessary information about your background. Additionally, it may be required that you provide police reports, witness testimonies and statements, photographic evidence, or other evidence that proves your side of the story. For this reason, among others, it’s crucial that you’re represented by a hardworking, tenacious attorney who will ensure your story is told in court and that you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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Our goal is to ensure your side of the story is always accurately told in court, and that you receive all the help you can possibly get, especially after an abuse situation. When it comes to immigration status, every move you make is incredibly important. If you delay in contacting an attorney, you run the risk of missing out on benefits that could greatly improve your life situation.

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