Have you been arrested for petty theft in Massachusetts? This type of crime, sometimes referred to as petty larceny, “is a term used to describe thefts where the value of the property taken is low. States often set a specific dollar amount as a ceiling for petty larceny charges. For example, in Oklahoma, petty larceny is a theft where the value of property taken is $1,000 or less. Petty larceny is generally a misdemeanor and is punishable by fines or relatively short jail sentence (for example, less than one year).”

There are many different charges that are considered theft crimes in Boston, such as bank robbery, burglary, embezzlement and more. The penalties for theft crimes are not a one size fits all approach. When someone commits a theft crime, the circumstances surrounding the theft will often increase the penalties. For example, if you rob someone with a deadly weapon, or if you rob someone and also assault them, your penalties will be much higher than if you stole someone’s property without hurting or threatening them.

The penalties that a Boston judge may impose are dependent on the circumstances of the case, and can include:

  • Jail time
  • Up to several years in prison
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Community service
  • Probation

What Factors Increase The Sentencing For Theft Crimes?

As we previously stated, there are a handful of factors that increase the sentencing for theft crimes. Some of these factors include:

  • If you have a prior criminal record
  • If the crime resulted in the injury or bodily harm of another
  • If a weapon was used during the commission of the crime

Aside from these legal consequences, any conviction at all or a theft-related offense, even if you did not use a weapon or hurt anyone, can and will affect your future for the worse. A theft charge can keep you from getting a job you want, and can create interpersonal hardship with others. 

As we mentioned before, these sentences and their penalties depend on the specifics of the case. For this reason, among many others, it is important to have representation from a Boston theft crimes defense lawyer who is familiar with how the justice system works in Suffolk County. They may be able to help you avoid or lessen these penalties and fight to keep you out of jail. The only way to truly know what penalties you could face for your petty theft crime is to schedule a free consultation with Toland Law.

How Can A Lawyer Defend Me Against A Petty Theft Crime Charge?

If you have been charged with a petty theft crime in Boston, Massachusetts, you could be facing some serious penalties. It’s crucial to work with a qualified Boston theft crimes attorney who has extensive knowledge and understanding of the law as it applies to your case. With the help of an attorney like Paul Toland, you may be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed by employing any of the following petty theft defenses:

  • You never intended to steal the property and were merely borrowing it.
  • The person whose property was stolen actually consented to you taking their property (for example, letting you borrow it or giving you the property)
  • You never partook in the theft but were simply there when the crime occurred.
  • You were a victim of mistaken identity and are not the thief.

Again, it is important to understand that the use of any of the following defenses will depend on the specifics of your case and the help of an accomplished Boston criminal defense lawyer.

Schedule A Free Criminal Case Evaluation With Toland Law If You Have Been Accused Of Petty Theft

When you work with our team of honest lawyers at Toland Law, you can have confidence knowing that we will take all of the steps necessary to have your charges dismissed or reduced. Our Boston criminal defense attorneys will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your petty theft case, interview all witnesses, and fight to have any damaging evidence suppressed.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a theft crime in Boston, Massachusetts, you need to schedule a free criminal case evaluation with one of our experienced theft defense lawyers. At Toland Law, our esteemed law firm has been representing individuals charged with theft crimes for years and are ready to provide our clients with the most aggressive defense to their case.

The sooner you schedule a free criminal case evaluation with Toland Law, the sooner we can start creating a strong case for your defense against this petty theft crime.

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