Have you been arrested for illegal gun possession in Massachusetts? These charges can be life changing if you navigate the justice system without a criminal defense attorney on your side. If you have been arrested for illegal carrying of a firearm in Massachusetts, it’s important to know that these charges can be very serious. It is commonly known that Massachusetts has some of the most strict gun laws in this nation. Without the help of an experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer, you run the risk of facing severe penalties for having an illegal firearm.

The possession of an illegal firearm may be punishable with an extensive sentence in a state or federal incarceration facility. You may even face a life charge. The minimum sentence that is mandatorily required to be placed on someone who was arrested with an illegal firearm is eighteen months. Read on to learn more about illegal gun charges in Massachusetts and what you can do to mitigate the risk of spending a life sentence in jail if you have been charged with this crime.

Is It A Felony To Carry An Illegal Firearm In Massachusetts?

There are only two situations under which a person is legally able to carry a firearm in Massachusetts. You must be within your personal home or business, or must have a license to carry the firearm in question. If you aren’t properly licensed and not on your own property, carrying a firearm is illegal. The charge can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending upon the situation. Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor for carrying an illegal firearm, you will be faced with a mandatory minimum of eighteen months in an incarceration facility.

What Constitutes An Illegal Firearm In Massachusetts?

Certain guns are allowed to be carried and others are not. Under Massachusetts law, possession of a sawed off shotgun or machine gun are both illegal and can be punishable with up to a life sentence in prison.

Can I Be Arrested In Massachusetts For Carrying A Firearm While Under The Influence?

Yes, you can be arrested in Massachusetts for carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or substances like illegal drugs or prescription medication. Even if you are licensed to carry the gun that is found on you, you are not permitted to carry or possess in your personal vehicle, a firearm while you are under the influence of alcohol or any substance such as illegal drugs or prescription medication. Under Massachusetts law, carrying a firearm whether legal or illegal, is a misdemeanor.

How Can A Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me With An Illegal Firearm Charge In Massachusetts?

If you have been caught in Massachusetts carrying an illegal firearm and arrested, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. There are serious penalties that accompany a firearm offense, whether or not you were licensed to carry the firearm. It is absolutely crucial that you work with an attorney who you can trust, who you can be certain will stop at nothing to defend you from the maximum penalty that these charges carry.

There are many defenses that a criminal defense lawyer could potentially take in order to minimize your penalties and mitigate the risk of spending a life sentence in jail for this crime. For example some people charged with firearm charges in Massachusetts are able to defend that the gun was not in your possession at that time, or that the gun was not a real firearm. You may also argue with the judge for your charges to be minimized depending on where exactly you were when you possessed a firearm. Every case is different so every client will need a different defense for their firearm charge, so it’s important that you connect with a criminal defense attorney right away in order to understand what options exist for your defense.

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