There are so many ways in which a criminal charge can change your life forever. A felony charge, in particular, can keep you from enjoying certain freedoms that others take for granted. One of these freedoms includes travel. 

Being a felon means that you will not be able to enjoy the freedom of international or even domestic travel that non-convicted persons get to enjoy. Having a criminal record can present many obstacles to goals for those who try to travel. Read on to learn more about travel restrictions for convicted felons.

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Will I Be Denied A Passport If I Have A Felony Charge?

Getting a passport in the United States can be a time consuming and sometimes rigorous process. The process will not become any easier if you are a felon. In fact, you may be denied a passport (and won’t be able to even apply) if you are a convicted felon.

You may be denied the privilege of a passport if you are:

  • Have a subpoena related to a felony
  • Have unpaid federal taxes
  • In debt more than $5000 in child support (money owed to your child’s parent)
  • Were convicted of a felony drug charge that involved using a passport, or you crossed international borders to sell drugs
  • Are legally barred from leaving the country for any reason
  • Are currently incarcerated
  • Are participating in a supervised release program for felons with a record of drug possession, trafficking, or distribution
  • Are you in the process of a felony arrest

Will My Passport Be Revoked If I Become A Felon?

It may be possible that your passport gets revoked if you are convicted of a felony. The Secretary of State manages the process of revoking passports. For more information, schedule a free, no obligation criminal case consultation with a lawyer at Toland Law to learn what your options may be.

Will I Have To Undergo A Background Check To Leave The Country As A Felon?

In some cases, a person with a felony charge is not required to give up their passport. Since every crime occurs differently, you need to consult with a criminal defense lawyer to know what restrictions may be imposed upon you.

If you committed a crime and it did not restrict you from holding a passport, this can still affect your international travel plans. In some cases, felons are required to fill out a certificate of good conduct or a lack of criminal record form. If you go overseas to work, study, or travel, you may need to provide detailed information about your whereabouts and objectives in order to be allowed overseas.

You can get these documents from your local police precinct. If you have questions about these documents, or other travel questions related to your felony status, schedule a free consultation with Toland Law today.

How Soon Should I Call A Lawyer After Getting Arrested?

As you can tell from the information above, there are many implications to getting arrested. If you have a felony charge, you likely will not be able to enjoy the freedoms that others enjoy, such as traveling. If you have questions about your felony status, contact our law firm and schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your circumstances.

But if you have recently been arrested and are unsure about what’s to come next, know that we can help also. You should call a lawyer as soon as you have been arrested in order to get a Headstart on creating a strong case for your defense. At our law firm, we stop at nothing to defend you against the possible consequences of your arrest, and will make sure you know what is to come as you fight these charges.

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