If you or someone you love has been accused of a criminal charge in Massachusetts, pleading guilty should always be the last resort option. The best case scenario for any criminal case would be an acquittal or a dismissal of the charges. In order to achieve either of these, you’ll need the help of a hard-working, determined Massachusetts lawyer.

The right lawyer will focus on resolving your criminal case in the most efficient manner possible, with the lowest penalty possible. Your lawyer will be committed to resolving your case without any convictions or guilty findings, as is always the best case scenario in any court case.

In some criminal cases, a dismissal is a possibility. In cases overseen by the District Court, sometimes case dismissals are simply routine. Sometimes, the prosecution fails to collect enough evidence to present in the trial, so the case will be dismissed as a formality. In other cases, lawyers can negotiate with the office of the prosecutor in order to have the case dismissed. In most cases, however, especially those following a serious criminal charge, you and your lawyer will need to fight for a case dismissal, which can be achieved through thorough research and an airtight legal defense argument.

In many Massachusetts criminal cases, a dismissal is not possible. In this situation, you’ll need the help of a criminal defense lawyer even more, as you will need to take the case to trial.

What Happens If My Criminal Case Goes To Trial In Massachusetts?

If your case goes to trial in Massachusetts, you will need the help of a skilled Massachusetts criminal defense attorney in order to win, as many criminal cases are complex and challenging to resolve with a favorable outcome. If a dismissal is not possible for your specific type of case, you may face having a serious charge on your criminal record for the rest of your life, which will present a number of personal and professional obstacles for you in the future.

Attorney Paul Toland is a former assistant district attorney who has been aggressively fighting for the rights of those charged with anything from misdemeanors to serious felonies. When it comes to defending yourself in court against a charge that can’t be dismissed, you need to work with someone as experienced and esteemed as Paul Toland in order to have the best possible defense in court.

There are many defenses your criminal defense attorney may assert in court. Your defense lawyer may argue that another person is responsible for committing the crime or that no crime was ever committed at all. If your attorney is taking the “no crime occurred at all” position, they might argue that any witness testimony is untrue or that the actions you took have nothing to do with the charges you are facing. You may also choose to plead self-defense, insanity, or another means of defense, under the guidance of your attorney.

Your criminal defense lawyer will also collect any evidence that defends and supports your stance in court. This may include photos from the scene of the crime or witness testimonies. A witness is a person with first-hand knowledge of an event, that testifies to that knowledge during a trial or other legal proceeding. It’s very beneficial to have witnesses that can back up your defense claims and support the information you present before a judge.

Can A Lawyer Help Me After I’ve Been Convicted Of A Crime Or Plead Guilty?

It’s possible for a lawyer to continue to assist their clients even after they have been convicted, charged, or found guilty of a crime. A lawyer can help argue post-trial motions successfully to the trial court, or even motion for a new trial altogether if necessary. It is not impossible for convictions to be overturned in the United States, especially if a criminal conviction has caused you to be deported or otherwise removed from the U.S.

Both criminal and trial law are complex, and require an intricate understanding of both state and federal legislature. Paul Toland is an experienced, hard-working criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts who is skilled and accustomed to navigating criminal cases just like yours. He understands how important it is to fight to have your case dismissed and, if your case can’t be dismissed, he understands how important it is to have your penalties reduced as best as possible.

Call today and schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation with Toland Law if you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Massachusetts. If your case cannot be dismissed, Paul Toland will fight for your freedom every step of the way.

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