An arraignment is the first step in criminal proceedings where the defendant is brought in front of the court to hear the charges and enter a plea. If you’re wondering if you should hire an attorney for your arraignment, we advise that you do. It’s wise to hire a lawyer to represent you during your arraignment, because having a criminal defense lawyer present by your side ensures your rights are protected, and that you have the opportunity to start preparing a strong defense as soon as possible following the hearing.

At an arraignment hearing, an accused person either pleads not guilty to the crime in question, or pleads guilty. If you choose to plead not guilty, you request an additional hearing, which is typically referred to as a pretrial hearing or a probable cause hearing. At either one, it’s a smart decision to get an attorney to defend you during these important proceedings. An arraignment seems like a simple and straightforward meeting, but it’s not something you should try to tackle on your own. Without the help of a lawyer, you run the risk of inadequately defending yourself.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For An Arraignment

In Massachusetts, it is entirely possible for the Commonwealth to request that you are kept in jail at the arraignment, so having a lawyer by your side is a smart choice as they can defend you and argue that you should be released. Most people are unaware that they can fight back against these motions if they have the help of a lawyer.

During an arraignment, it might also be required that certain, specific defenses are asserted or waived. For example, the Double Jeopardy Clause in the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits anyone from being prosecuted twice for substantially the same crime. If you don’t have a legal representative by your side, you may not have the resources you need to defend yourself against double jeopardy should this issue arise in your case. Only an experienced lawyer knows about these defenses and issues.

You’ll also need a criminal defense attorney to start building a strong case for your defense after the arraignment is over and you’re waiting for your next hearing. There is no law that requires that you hire a lawyer but, when you choose to defend yourself, you miss out on the benefits of an attorney who fully understands Massachusetts law. If you are presented with an offer at your next hearing, you may not know if it’s the right offer to take without the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

How Does A Lawyer Build A Strong Defense Case?

A lawyer uses their vast network of resources to create a strong defense case by collecting and organizing pertinent evidence from the case. They can get security camera footage, witness testimonies, cell phone data and call records, and much more that can help defend your side of the story.

Also, only a Boston criminal defense lawyer has extensive and thorough knowledge of both Commonwealth law and federal law as they apply to the specifics of your case. Going to an arraignment, or any kind of hearing, without the help of a lawyer it’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

Your lawyer will assess the facts and figures of your case and decide which areas of opportunity exist for your defense. In some cases, it’s best to accept a plea deal, and in other cases it’s wiser if you don’t. The right Boston criminal defense attorney will provide sound legal advice in this situation and will make sure you choose the right option.

If applicable to your case, your defense lawyer may argue that another person is responsible for committing the crime in question or that no crime was ever committed at all. If your attorney is taking the “no crime occurred at all” position, they might argue that any witness testimony is untrue or that the actions you took have nothing to do with the charges you are facing.

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