Has someone filed a restraining order against you? If you need to be defended against a restraining order, you need to hire a hardworking Boston criminal defense lawyer right away to prove your side of the story in court and minimize your penalties as best as possible.

You should certainly consider hiring a lawyer if someone has filed a restraining order against you. These allegations are serious, and you need to team up with a strong legal advocate to defend yourself and keep your life on track.

What Is A Restraining Order?

A restraining order is defined as “a court order enjoining a person from taking a particular action in relation to another person. Also referred to as a temporary restraining order (TRO). Restraining orders are often issued in cases of domestic violence.”

The goal of a restraining order is to keep one person away from another person’s school, place of employment, or from harassing or communicating with them in any way. A restraining order can be filed against anyone. We see many cases of domestic violence, which includes couples and spouses, that eventually lead to restraining orders, but this does not necessarily mean that you need to be living in the same house as someone or engaged in a relationship with them to file a restraining order against them.

If someone has filed a restraining order against you, even if you were not charged with domestic violence, call a Boston attorney right away. We can help you defend yourself against a restraining order in many ways, and work hard to minimize any imminent penalties you may face.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For A Restraining Order?

If someone has taken a restraining order out against you, the hearing is going to be a crucial part of your defense against any associated domestic violence charges you have. In this hearing, your lawyer will help you in many ways. This is your opportunity to cross examine the person who accused you of violence, and to ask them questions that pertain to their credibility. This is an important part of your defense, and a lawyer can help you ask the right questions and guide you toward building a strong case.

In addition to cross examination during your restraining order hearing, an attorney can help you defend yourself against the actual restraining order itself, demonstrating why this was an unnecessary action. Your attorney will source, compile, and present relevant evidence and documents before a jury and judge, as well as further investigate the details of your case in order to prove your side of the story and minimize your penalties as best as possible.

How Do I Choose The Right Criminal Defense Attorney?

There is no law that states you are legally required to hire your own lawyer to defend you during criminal case proceedings. You are entitled and permitted to defend yourself if you choose to do so. But failing to contact a qualified attorney, who has extensive experience with situations like yours, and has intricate knowledge of Massachusetts state laws that apply to your case, may put you at risk for harsh penalties. Hiring a qualified lawyer is a wise choice for ensuring you understand the full scope of the legal proceedings before you, and that you build a strong case that defends you against these allegations.

When choosing a lawyer, it’s important to look up specific information about them. We encourage clients to look up past reviews, results of their cases, how many trials they have taken to court and how many cases like yours they have handled over the years. Our lawyers at Toland Law are confident in the legal services we offer, and take the time to listen to each and every client about the situation they are in and the exact kind of help they need.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Today If Someone Has Filed A Restraining Order Against You

Don’t wait — if someone has filed a restraining order against you, you need to act fast to fight back against these situations. Not all criminal defense attorneys offer a free case evaluation for those in need, but our lawyers at Toland Law offer a free, no-obligation consultation for any Boston resident who faces this kind of situation.

We will listen intently to the details of your situation, create a strong case for your defense, and stop at nothing to minimize the penalties you might face. Call today to ensure your future and freedom are not affected by a restraining order filed against you in Massachusetts.

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