If you have been arrested or charged to court for a crime, your chances of winning such a case or getting the desired results are greatly improved when you work with a Boston Criminal Lawyer. Being represented in court by a lawyer ensures that you fully understand the charges that have been brought against you and also have a better chance at preventing a conviction.

In most criminal cases, defendants are required to be represented by a lawyer, especially if such criminal charges are punishable by a prison sentence or jail time. While many people may consider cutting costs by not hiring a lawyer to defend them, it is important to note that such action as this is tantamount to putting one’s freedom on the line.

While concrete statistics do not exist to prove the number of criminal defense cases which have been won by a self-representing defendant, estimates range below 1%. Such possibility puts the freedom of a defendant on the line.

Why Self-representation is not advised

Many are of the opinion that they can simply read two or more legal books and literature to become learned enough to defend themselves in court. This is grossly untrue. In most cases, it is important to note that lawyers make use of a combination of skills and experience which have been accumulated over the years.

Self-representation becomes more difficult to approach when the defendant is unable to understand the nuances and complexities of certain areas of the law, an area where lawyers have over the years developed experience thus allowing them better resources to represent clients and get the best outcomes.

Books contain information about the penalties, case studies, mandate courtroom procedures, and other fixed information, however, the real-life court representation experience is what is lacking and as thus, defending yourself in a case against an experienced prosecution counsel puts such defendants on the losing side.

The Power of the prosecutor

Choosing to represent yourself in court is a bad idea, however, the idea sounds worse and decreases the chances of securing a win when you have to think of going against an experienced prosecution counsel. By representing yourself in court, you have placed yourself at an undue disadvantage and at the mercy of the prosecution counsel who understands the nuances, intricacies, and complexities of the law and the criminal charges that have been filed against you.

It is important that a prosecutor is capable of making certain decisions that may affect the outcome of your case. Should the prosecutor move to reconstitute the charges in court, a self-representing defendant may be left dumbfounded and unable to grasp the full weight of the additional charges which has been added on thus putting them at an even greater disadvantage.

Community Pressure

In most criminal cases, there is always the involvement of the community in the trial and sentencing. In some cases, the values, culture, belief, and politics of the community may affect the final outcome of a criminal case. Working with an experienced attorney can however prove instrumental in reducing or totally eliminating these effects. Taking the courtroom politics into consideration, hiring an attorney who understands the local laws, politics, values, culture and other characteristics may prove essential in steering the criminal charges against you into a more favorable light.

What do you stand to gain from working with an attorney? 

It is important to note that no matter how educated you are, a professional field will always have professionals who know more about their field that you as a layman. Hiring an attorney for your criminal case can improve the outcome of your case and help you live a better life.

Below are some of the advantages you stand to gain from hiring an attorney and working with one through your criminal defense process.

  • The attorney understands the prosecution counsel and what they want. Based on this information, your attorney may be able to reach an agreement with the prosecuting counsel. By securing a plea deal for you, you stand a chance to face much fewer penalties and lesser charges.
  • The attorney is in a position to formulate sentencing programs that are tailored to match your case and specific needs. The attorney can also help you avoid future clashes with the law and the criminal justice system.
  • The attorney can educate you on the charges which you have been charged with, the penalties, the defense strategies to adopt and other important information. Your attorney can also help you deal with the feeling of shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear, diminished self-esteem, and anxiety associated with criminal charges.
  • Your attorney can also prepare you for the reality of your case by providing you an objective and knowledgeable perspective on the situation at hand and how best to proceed in such a case. Your attorney can also prepare you for the possibility that your case may go to trial and help you understand what the criminal justice system requires from you. The perspective created for you by your attorney is important as this will help you to make a decision as to whether you should accept the plea deal or not.
  • Your attorney is also familiar with the complex legal areas that can be explored and exploited to create a solid and fool-proof defense for you. In some cases, these legal loopholes may for the basis upon which your attorney may push for the dismissal of the charges which have been filed against you.
  • The lawyer is familiar with the local court customs, judges, and procedures. This allows them to better assess situations and preempt what to expect in court during the trial and how best to deal with the situation. With proper knowledge of the judges sentencing structure and the prosecution counsel’s approach, your attorney can better package your case to obtain a favorable outcome.
  • Your attorney also understands the hidden costs of taking a plea deal and is in a better position to warn you against it.